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Hack Circus channel on IRC 

Interview with me on Seed The City, about Hack Circus (April 2014)

How to protect your private data, for WIRED UK (March 2014)

Hack Circus: THIS IS REALITY – tickets (March 2014)

The Inner Head (hardback), humour book by me and Tim Warriner (March 2014) (The Inner Head website)

How to supercharge your router and How to shoot a movie on your iPhone, for WIRED UK (February 2014)

Shift Run Stop on the Guardian’s ‘best lesser known podcast’ list (January 2014)

The Inner Head, new humour book I’ve co-written with Tim Warriner, now available for Kindle. (The Inner Head website) (January 2014)

Hack Circus magazine, issue 1 (December 2013)

Interview with me on Looking Sideways, Andrew Sleigh’s podcast (November 2013) 

Hack Circus: Time Travel Live – all the talks on YouTube (October 2013)

Living in the past – item for The Pod Delusion (Resonance FM) (20th September 2013)

Book tickets for Hack Circus, a new event series and magazine I’m making (August 2013)

Making a scene: why stories need back-up‘ for The Literary Platform (August 2013)

In praise of play‘ for The Literary Platform (August 2013)

My report for Native magazine on the theatre/digital workshop “Make some more noise” (July 2013)

My ‘Temperatures of Things’ piece for Container, in Wallpaper magazine (July 2013)

Article about Minotaur the Moosical for The Literary Platform (July 2013)

How to survive a pepper spray attack‘ and ‘How to kick down a door‘ for WIRED UK (June 2013)

Den of Geek‘s ‘Den of Eek’ ebook ‘A Collection of New Horror Fiction‘ featuring a piece I wrote about doppelgangers (June 2013)

@8BitSATC – humorous Twitter account of vintage-technology themed Sex and the City plots, written with Tim Warriner (June 2013)

Shift Run Stop episode 67 (May 2013)

The Trouble With Comics – article by me for The Literary Platform, of which I am the Managing Editor (May 2013)

Interview with me about Happenstance, Shift Run Stop, London, Making Things Fast and more on James Hogwood’s blog (May 2013)

Terminator: how worried should we be? – sign up for my new free talk at Nixon McInnes in Brighton (April 2013) 

Shift Run Stop episode 66 (March 2013)

Demonstrating a GFR thermal internet receipt printer at the International Women’s Day 2013 Tech City Showcase, hosted by Poke London (March 2013)

Interview on Resonance FM’s “Little Atoms” show in which Roo and I talk about Shift Run Stop and our other projects (March 2013)

Stuff I Made slide deck for International Women’s Day Tech City Showcase (Keynote and PDF) (March 2013)

How to make friends with anyone in five minutes in Wired UK (page 1) (page 2) (April issue)

Happenstance recap video – interviewed about Happenstance, an Arts Council/Nesta/Digital R+D project I took part in (February 2013)

Hacking & hack days for the Guardian Culture Professionals blog (January 2013) (as a Caper associate)

Shift Run Stop Christmas Special (December 2012) 

Article on Yahoo News about my photos of IBM cash registers (November 2012)

IBM and me – transcript and pictures of my talk for Boring 2012 (November 2012)

How We Lost The Future Video of my talk from “Improving Reality” at the Brighton Digital Festival (September 2012)

IBM tills Google Map (October 2012)

Shift Run Stop episode 64 (October 2012)

Interview with me on John Fleming’s blog (October 2012)

Quote from me in the Guardian (October 2012)

Happenstance newspaper edited by me, designed by Alex Parrott (September 2012)

BBC BASIC Instagram simulator I’m building for the BBC Micro (September 2012)

Minotaur: the Moosical – an interactive, interspecies prison romance musical, written with Tim Warriner (September 2012)

Elspeth & Lottie’s Printer Letters – Two Victorian ladies exchanging news of their mutual acquaintances from long-running 20th Century TV shows via their GFR thermal receipt printers. Written with Tim Warriner (September 2012)

Coping With Discouragement for The Literary Platform for which I am the new Managing Editor (August 2012)

Shift Run Stop interview with Dave Gorman – (July 2012)

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Who am I?

I am Leila Johnston (pronounced Layla) and this is my online portfolio. I am the producer of an event series and magazine called Hack Circus, a published author, blogger, comedy writerjournalist of interesting countercultural ideas, speaker, event inventormaker, and podcaster. My third humour book (with Tim Warriner) just came out and, also with Tim, I am co-writing a comedy musical about the Minotaur. I now live in Sheffield permanently but I do travel. If you’d like me to do some work for you then please get in touch – leila@finalbullet.com.


Luise Vormittag took this nice pic of me speaking at the Monday Club in Shoreditch (Nov 2012)