I am Leila Johnston. I work with art and technology, and the fantastical ideas that emerge from them.

My quarterly event series and magazine Hack Circus allows me to explore some of these ideas with other people, as do my residencies at arts institutions (1) (2) and the workshops I run about making things.

I write bookshumour and magazine articles and co-create a popular podcast – all a bit subversive in their own ways.

cropaaaAnd I give talks on everything from boredom on the Starship Enterprise to creativity in the James Cameron Terminator films. I’ve spoken at two TEDx events, Ada Lovelace Day Live, The Royal Institution, The Royal Academy of Arts, and loads of other places.

Home is Sheffield, but I travel a lot and I’m always looking for people to connect with for my various projects. So, if any of that sounds interesting, please get in touch: leila@finalbullet.com.