Week 14: Final Bullet comes of age

Looking back, I suppose this was the week Final Bullet took flight.

  • It’s getting cheques made out in its name.
  • It’s got a lovely, professionally designed, logo (stand by for full implementation on this site)…
  • …which I’ve now already used in a presentation
  • It’s the shady comic book style ‘company’ behind a brand new, hot-off-the-press newspaper

Here’s what I got up to…

Much better balance of making-for-myself vs free-PR-for-others this week. Regular readers (ha!) will remember I was complaining last week that I’d painted myself into a creative corner by spending all my free time asking other people questions, then sitting quietly holding a microphone and listening. Interesting and fun once in a while, but not necessarily the way I want to spend my life, when I think there are other things I can – or would like to learn to – do. Things that might pay money, and help my work, too. In fact, this week did involve a bit of mic-holding, partly in the thoroughly enjoyable weekly podcast sesh, but also because I interviewed someone over the phone to support an article I’m writing. For a real magazine. For real money. So that was OK.

In other re-balancing revelations…

1. I’m doing some creative comedy writing for another large, paying organisation at the moment, and setting aside some time to get that sword of Damocles slightly blunted was very satisfying. It felt like a very very long time since I’d done that kind of work, and I forgot how fun it is – I genuinely really enjoy it. It’s just playing.

2. This week I was interviewed, myself, for the excellent women’s pop culture magazine re/action. It’s an eye-opener – talking to a journalist who knows what they’re doing, especially when you’re used to being in complete control of how you come across to an audience. It’s a little bit therapy, a little bit showing off, but it’s also quite exposing. But Sarah who interviewed me is terrific, we have a lot in common, and I can’t deny I do love being interviewed.

3. I’m given to believe that issue 1 of the newspaper I edited, Hackers!, now exists in the real world. Every evil media mogul needs a newspaper in their empire, I can’t wait to see it. And if it weren’t for the snow, I probably would have, by now. It’s printed by Newspaper Club, and you can email me and reserve a copy if you’re interested (it’s £4 – just to cover our costs). More about the paper on my other blog.

4. I was asked to be a keynote speaker at an event this week. First time on stage since R3play, which I guess wasn’t that long ago actually, but I was quite nervous beforehand anyway. It was the Oxford Geek Night (OGN), and I really enjoyed it. Very very packed, but superbly well-run and well organised, lovely atmosphere and top quality talks. The crowd of geeks didn’t completely hate me – there were some nice comments on Twitter and in person, afterwards. Some people even said I was ‘inspiring’ which was amazing – I mean, this is what it’s all about. I talked about Making Things Fast. It was also brilliant to meet some Shift Run Stop listeners there.

5. Had some nice feedback from some potentially very exciting pitches. And of course, started using the Final Bullet brand proper on things.

Hm, looking at that, it’s been quite a week. Take the rest of the day off, Leila. Sorry it’s not as philosophical as usual, I haven’t had a chance to think ponderously about things this week!

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