Week 18: Happy New Year!

Well, I’ve clearly done nothing over the holidays. Nothing at all. Next week will be different. Next year will be different.

I summarised some of the key project moments of the past year over on the informal blog, and what with that being the blog about the past, and this being the one about the future, here seems like a good place to draw up a plan for 2011. Behold: resolutions!

  • I will do a cool new website, that will be bigger than Worryfriends.com, and it will also be picked up for a book. I own MakingThingsFast.com. Given that the talk I did by the same name was by far the most successful thing I’ve done on my own for a long time, I plan to at least try to do something cool with it. To be honest, I probably don’t need to be taking on any more blogs right now, but I bet there’s something very fun to be made on a website with a name like that. Fast.
  • I will do talks every month. I’m already pencilled in to a couple of things I’ve been invited to, and I’m currently pitching ideas for every interesting event I can think of.
  • I will write a radio pilot. It’s not unachievable to get something made, although many many more leads on this have failed than succeeded – and the ones that succeeded took considerably more than a year from conception to production. But I will at least write it. And even if no one uses it, I’ll have all that stuff whenever I need it.
  • I will write a major piece for a magazine. It’s been lovely getting back into decent-pay, relatively high profile print journalism in the second half of 2010, but I didn’t do anything really meaty this year. So that’s a goal for 2011.
  • I will get a regular thing, in a thing. The BBC columns have been great, and while they’re hot, I’d like to see if I can get another regular spot in a mag, paper, website etc doing something similar.

I think frequency and charging more for everything will be key in 2011. Making the podcast with Roo every single week has been good practice for frequency. I’ll have to get more pushy about finding regular, paid, homes for my own stuff though. Regular, decent-pay gigs are the mainstay of the freelancer. And with that breathtaking revelation of obviousness, Happy New Year.

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