Week 21: Talking the talk

A week of talking and listening. Good to be back out there properly, back in the BRIG and seeing all those people I like, all of which helps with the having ideas about things thing. Enjoying the fact my deadlines are all in February now. I have no love for January and am for once pleased we’re all so life-fearingly forward-focussed, and painting this fucker out of existence.

  • Had a potentially very exciting meeting about the paper, more on which in due course. But very interesting. And ludicrously early. I have no doubt of the absolute truth that getting up early is the key to success in all fields of life. Just wish I could do it more often.
  • Spoke at the Culture Hack Day at the weekend. It was a very warm, very accessible event about sharing data from the cultural industries to make cool new things, with an overnight hack and lots of clever people and goodwill. I was on a panel, and talked about how the things you’re doing already are fun and hackable, mentioning Chromaroma and ATM hacking. You can see me in the picture above, with¬†Claire Reddington and Tom Uglow, and I blogged about it over there.
  • After the CHD talks I went to Sarah‘s birthday do. Sarah and I launched publications at about the same time, and it’s fun having someone else facing the same stuff to check in with. It sounds like her forthcoming issue 2 of Re/Action is going to be another top read.
  • Good meeting at the bank. They didn’t see my Culture Hack Day talk I guess.
  • Interesting meeting at a particularly swish Shoreditch office about some possible work next month.
  • Nice tea with Russell. We have plans. PLANS.
  • Caught up with Duncan – always a treat.¬†Amongst other things we talked about iPhone games (real and imaginary). He’s done some excellent work for issue 2 as well.
  • Scored some experts for some stuff I’m doing for WIRED UK, an unimaginable relief every time it happens (and they’re really good ones, too). Must write those articles now.
  • Lots of emails flying around and work being done on issue 2 of the paper. I keep getting sucked into interesting ideas, and the writers are totally facilitating me, so I don’t think I’ll ever escape.
  • This morning someone anonymously sent me this, containing this. Clearly the universe is trying to tell me to hack an ATM.

Thought for the day:

1. It’s OK for a publication to take in several different audiences. Because, really, the idea of there being several different audiences is a bit of an illusion. I mean, to some extent it’s true – there are definitely ‘green’ Guardian readers, and not-massively-green Guardian readers. But you can’t hate or object to the spirit of the green stuff and enjoy the Guardian overall. You can flick past it if you don’t find it as stimulating or relevant, without wishing it wasn’t there. People aren’t monsters. Weekend newspapers and their magazines take in the broadest audiences of all. But in a sense, it’s a broadness that corresponds to a tolerance we all already have in us, as newspaper-buyers. Newspapers have always been about reaching out to those who share an attitude, an urge, rather than the specific manifestations of that feeling in individuals. And I wish I’d said that in the radio interview I did last week.

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