Week 40: Old machines, new tricks

A short week to conclude my first month at Made By Many. It included the following benefits of employment:

  • A very fancy team lunch
  • An idea and preliminary plans for an event to run here, in this beautiful office. Possibly with special guests, you know I love a special guest
  • Mostly working on ideas for a big client, some of it in the sunshine
  • …which involved more sketching than I’ve done since I was last working on impossible ideas, off-the-books with Duncan

My nerd friends have come through for me this week…

1. My dear friend Sandy has done some incredible graphics for Hack Circus (perhaps uploaded, by the time you see this) using a magical drawing machine.

2. I had a thought, and asked James if it would be possible to print ASCII interpretations of Instagram images, using Timmy. A heartbeat later, he’d done it, with considerable success, I think. Stand by, hopefully, for full implementation!

3. I had an email from the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park. They’d seen my interview with their very own Wunderkind, Adam, at Replay, and invited me to go over there and mob with them anytime. Bletchley and the brilliant TNMOC are two of my favourite places ever, and I fully intend to take them up on the offer. They might be bringing some cool stuff over to Interesting for my Hack Circus. Can you imagine? Dream come true.

4. As I say, Sara (from work! I have a job!) and I have had an idea for an event about stories, to hold here in July. We haven’t nailed the details yet, but Duncan (also from work! But also from before work) and I are planning to use it as an excuse to FINALLY MAKE THAT GAME we’ve been trying to pin down for, I don’t know, ever. Not to overly play-to-type, but I’d love to follow up with something about hypertext, which I’m getting all interested in, again.

5. I have a thing in the new WIRED UK, page 92 or something, about hiding messages in packs of cards to get your intel past the Secret Police come the revolution. They spelled my name wrong, though, so I shan’t be working for them anymore.

Seems like lots of cool stuff is suddenly happening. Next week I’m talking about Star Trek at that maths cabaret dinner event at the Royal Institution (I note former Shift Run Stop interviewee Alex Bellos is going to be there!) Then it’s Interesting 2011, then this nebulous story event we’re hosting, then Star Trek talk again at the two Spacetacular shows at the Edinburgh Festival in August. So much for retiring from public life.

I HAVE had thoughts about things, too; mainly stories and games. But I’m busy! Why can’t you understand that? Jesus! You’ll just have to wait.

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