Week 53: Everybody Out

A Bank Holiday and then a short week, but it’s been packed with work on a project I’ve been given responsibility for. So that’s what I’ve been doing all week: work. And it’s been a good, solid week.

Yesterday was Made by Many‘s fourth birthday, and we had all had glass of champagne and reflected on the impressive progress of the company. Interest in and planning for Storywarp continue apace, Sara and I are getting “invites” to things. And in my other worlds…

1. I’m continuing to amuse myself with tweaks to my commute. Nearly four months into this job, and I’m realising my basic level of fitness has plummeted due to spending 9 hours a day sitting down. So I’ve built in some more walking. And I’m going back to being rubbish at yoga, too. I’ve had enough health problems this year, so unfortunately this is all stuff I’m really conscious of.

2. Am still gathering material for my first Imperica column. Slow progress but it’s on its way.

3. I’ve been on a Twitter break for over a week because I’m trying to wean myself off the recorded life, and because I always seem to end up feeling stressed and grumpy after reading tweets. I’ve painted myself into a corner by following a lot of groups of mates, and the politics – not to mention armchair philosophising – has become too much. It’s not Twitter’s fault. I’m just bored. Bored with clicking reload – I don’t want to keep feeling I should be reading these things. Bored with me – I don’t want to keep saying these things. I’m bored with the culture of it all.

4. And cheesy as it sounds, a week in Cornwall reminded me what I already knew, that the actual world is where it’s at, where it all begins and ends, and I’m extremely keen to spend much more time in it, and much less time staring at screens and trying to guess what it all means.

5. So I’m going to join some new things and meet some new people. People who, my god, might not even be on Twitter. I want the web to be a handy tool that helps me do things I want to do after a decision based on real world experience. Technology is not a Phenomenon to be Revered, something that will Tell Me What To Do and Who To Be. It’s a toy, and toys are modelled after reality. Hold people accountable for the reasons they do things, don’t be impressed by the execution. Friends now, webs later.

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