Happenstance: my first week

I’m trying to think of fun/clever ways to represent my weekly blog posts during my time at the Site Gallery on the Happenstance Project. We’ve only been here three days so I’ll start that next week, but in the meantime, here are some pictures of things I’ve seen and done over the last week. I also hacked a combination lock and watched The Full Monty but I don’t have pictures of THAT. Anyway, hope you enjoy. (I recommend starting from the top and scrolling down one by one…)


I moved in.

I made a friend.

I had lunch with Folksy.

I made a pretend washing machine on my BBC Micro.

I visited the beautiful Sheffield Botanical Gardens.

Aren’t they lovely?

I noticed a lot of good graffitti, too.

I enjoyed the Site Gallery’s book collection.

James and I ordered arduino starter kits. There are people in Sheffield who don’t know about arduinos.

It rained, but then the sun came out.

It’s like Miami off my rear balcony.

I keep running into Greg Povey.

I drew a vulture for Jessica.

…and a giraffe for Murray.

I got the disk drive working.

I eventually found a disk with some stuff on it. Hopper was the only thing that worked.

So I played Hopper.

I liked this ramp.

I made a choker out of bulldog clips.

I went to some pubs.

I was accosted by a Fleece of alpacas.

and I discovered some real Yorkshire.

Some really real Yorkshire.

The air is cleaner and the sky is different. Even the rain is clean here.

I want to take fer-ters of everything.

I met Bill Drummond from the KLF. He was unexpectedly Scottish.

I discovered how many steps you get doing the 30 degree spin cycle.

And I can see the moon from my kitchen.

This photo story also appears on the Happenstance blog.

One thought on “Happenstance: my first week

  1. Pete Hindle

    I can see the postcard I sent you! Now I feel I should have sent you something a bit more finished. Oops!

    Anyway, hope you’re getting on well in Sheffield. The first week of my residency was really exhausting, but after that I think I managed to make myself at home. I made a point of bringing all my most comfortable clothing, so I’d feel relaxed in my new environment…

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