Farewell to 2012, hello 2013

I’ve had quite an amazing year, really.

It started in Hertfordshire on a payroll, in my flat with fireworks on the TV – and it’ll end in Yorkshire, as a freelancer, in my house, with my dog.

In February, I hosted my first proper do, “The Event” – actually two London-based events all about the end of the world. Both dates sold out, and a suitably apocalyptic time was had by all.

It feels remarkable to me that I was still working a 9-6 day in an agency office in London this spring… having never especially wanted to work in London, or in an agency. Less remarkable, then, that I left in March, after (remarkably, again (keep up)) winning a place on the Happenstance Project in April. I had a wild few months working, and playing, with James Jefferies at Sheffield’s fantastic Site Gallery, had a huge surge of creative energy, and in all sorts of unexpected ways, found a hundred doors suddenly opened as a result of taking part. Here’s our tumblr.

Since then I’ve been doing a lot of paid talks; I’ve written the essence of a mythological interspecies romance musical and enough content for a humour book about mystical beliefs with my writing buddy Tim; I’ve acquired a few regular freelance jobs that are actually rewarding, and had interesting tentative discussions about many more. But most significantly, I’ve settled permanently in Sheffield. In September, I bought a house here and started doing it up, and last week I acquired a puppy.

I don’t know what 2013 will bring, yet, but there are a few creative physical hacks I’ve been meaning to try for ages, and now that’s looking possible, thanks to the improved freelance situation and the generally more affordable lifestyle. I’m really hoping to do fewer things and more arty, apparently pointless, but ingenious ones. And to get out more to do normal things that don’t involve point of sale tills or LEDs. Which brings me to the dog, I’ll be doing a lot of stuff with the dog. He would love to meet you if you’re in the area. Say hi to Brodie!

Happy Christmas, thanks for reading this and here’s to a rewarding 2013 full of adventures.

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