Weeknotes 24th May: Commissioning, sleeping, learning how not to do 8-bit graphics

A bitty week, really, but not a bad one. Chasing, doing lots of smallish jobs, dealing with emails, scheduling coffees, getting some good invitations for a few new work things, going to the gym, chasing my dog around the fields in a hailstorm. And catching up on sleep. I’ve been to bed at 9pm several nights – amazing, by the way, I recommend it, though it seems it can mean repeatedly cancelling on friends. I went to see The History Boys last night, though. It was good.

I got some client work started when it finally fell into my dropbox Wednesday night.

I did some editing work for Caper, and finished casting the mini Hack Circus I’m putting together for their private event in June. It’s going to be great fun. It’s given me a taste for bringing back Hack Circus as much more of a thing. A… THING.

While I’ve been waiting for at least five mind (and deadline) expanding articles, I’ve been commissioning a fun new season for The Literary Platform. Looking forward to those. The great thing about emailing a load of enthusiastic creative people is that at least four of them will always want to meet for a coffee within a nano second of opening your message. It’s like bit torrenting a party.

The website for the Making Day at the Mix Conference where I’ll be running a workshop on Making Things Fast is now up here. Usual suspects running the other workshops… it’s nice to be counted among them.

Roo and I made a new Shift Run Stop a couple of months ago, which has finally been edited and went up yesterday. It’s available for download here. It’s a very happy and excited sounded one, we had loads of fun doing it.

Slightly more philosophically, as we approach the six month mark on 2013, I’ve been thinking about what I want to do with the rest of the year. Last year was a nuclear bomb to my life, and this year has been steadily satisfying but of course, not quite as explosive as jacking in a job and buying a house 200 miles away in a town where I don’t know anyone, without a plan. It’s a hard act to follow, but then again, maybe this is just a setting-up or rebooting year, or something. I’m quite enjoying not having to do any massive ‘disruptions’ on my life for a while.

Having said that, I do still have hackcircus.com, and I do want to do something with it. Soon. A chat with my friend James Adam and others about how we spend our time and value our skills (“It’s like rent vs a mortgage”) reminded me that it’s probably time I got back into running my own show. Also, being a power-crazed monster made me think about it as well.

My sprite design work has been limited this week, I think I overdid it by deciding I’d move onto Mode 5 line drawing instead on Monday, trying to do something a bit like my Instagram thing I did last year. But! I was trying to draw something quite complicated and didn’t have any graph, or even squared, paper. So I got to 56 lines of trial-and-error co ordinates and something that looked only vaguely like what it was supposed to, and decided it’s not worth it. Amazing fun, mind. In a funny way, I actually do recommend it! Especially if you’re slightly mentally ill and/or can’t sleep. But if you want to Make Things Fast, kids, you gotta have the basic tools to hand.

Today I need to write something for TLP rather urgently, unless any of the late articles mysteriously turn up. And I have some graph paper now, too, so no excuse to slack off the 8-bit graphics hobby. Expect miraculous creations and more, then, in next week’s episode of FINALBULLET.COM/CATEGORY/WEEKLY-ROUND-UP.

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