Weeknotes 26th July: business and pleasure

Busy week. I’ve been back in Sheffield and have absolutely not had enough sleep – which affects everything. Today I was supposed to be in London working on a very funny Sue Perkins thing for Radio 4 but due to Brodie being a dick I’ve had to stay here. I can still write some stuff, but am disappointed I won’t get to see my other writer/producer pals and meet Sue :( But it does mean that rather than taking the dog to London overnight and the considerable hassle involved with that, I can relax a bit and catch up on some sleep here at home.

Hack Circus is turning out to be a great excuse to chat to people I haven’t seen for a while (because obviously, being mental, I always need a ‘work’ reason.) I caught up with lovely Greg from Sheffield-based studio Mudlark in the pub to talk about Hack Circus possibilities, chatted to Paul about sorting out something with him, had a (long, inspiring) discussion with the heads of the graphics department at Sheffield Hallam, and yesterday Brodie and I headed to York to hang out with Tom and his team. Everyone I’ve mentioned Hack Circus to this week has contributed some useful suggestions and offered me things for “free” (ha!)… and now I need to make some quite important and difficult decisions.

We’ve uploaded a new episode of Shift Run Stop. It’s heartening that people still get excited about new episodes all these years on, and we didn’t even have a guest.

My report on a theatre workshop I attended for developing a new kind of theatre script is now up here on the Nesta R&D magazine site, Native.

This week I had some invitations to write for, and speak at nice things which should be announced fairly soon. Of course, there has also been the usual Literary Platform stuff to do, and secret client work, pitching to WIRED UK, musicals discussion and script editing. Oh! And Paul and Kathy and I attended a coffee morning and Q&A with the cast of This Is My Family, the new Tim Firth musical that has just finished at the Crucible. There were a few interesting insights and things we can apply to our own musical and it was great being the youngest people in the audience of something for a change.

Did a couple of really good classes at the gym and some ballet. Now I have to write jokes, wear the dog out and sleep. Anything fun happening tonight, Sheffield? I could do with a break from the dog.

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