Weeknotes January 15th: Sun, Sea and the Supernatural

Hello! I’ve been away! But I’m back!

James and I went to La Palma, the Canary Island no one goes to. We hiked, sunbathed, met dozens of lovely little dogs, saw grapefruit groves, learned Spanish, ate delicious food, got snowed on at the top of volcanoes and swam in the sea MORE THAN ONCE.

But that was then. It turns out it really is January, and I’ve come back to grey drizzle and a stack of things to do.

First of all, the book I spent a chunk of 2012 and 2013 writing with Tim, The Inner Head, is now out for Kindle. You can currently buy it on Amazon for a ridiculous £2.46, but of course if you don’t have a Kindle yet then you’ll have to add a hundred quid to that and it comes out less cheap. Still worth it though. It’s a complete collaboration, despite wrongly being listed under only my name on Amazon at the moment. We certainly think it’s very funny. But it’s serious too. It constitutes our combined lifelong research into the supernatural.

I’ve started working part-time as commissioning editor for Makeshift – a team in London who ‘make tools for start-ups’. For the next three months I’ll be in the office regularly, curating and writing for their new longform content platform Honey. I did an intro post explaining the kind of thing I’ll be getting in and writing about. I’m looking for entrepreneurs and start-ups to interview or contribute articles. Our theme is mythbusting – what are the big lies you want to expose? Please send me your pitches.

Things are going well with the next issue of Hack Circus, I’m really excited about the stuff that’s in so far, and the stuff that’s due in this week. Then I’ll be editing, laying out and sending to print for March.

This week I find myself having to turn down some things I’d much rather be accepting, but my new policy of NO MORE UNPAID WORK must be respected, at least while I try to get HC off the ground. It’s all very well building the personal brand, but watching these orders and subscriptions coming in, and writing real names on envelopes, well, it makes the responsibility of getting a good quality product out to my customers very real. The trust implied by subscribing for a year or three, as most of the Hack Circus buyers are doing, having seen nothing at all so far – is really quite impressive.

Back to Sheffield tomorrow for a few days. Hoping to hold the next Hack Circus event there in the spring and I have a meeting scheduled about that. You will, as ever, be the absolute first to know.

So: magazine, event, new editing job, new book to promote (hardback out soon), Minotaur! scripts to review and recording sessions to schedule. Yeah, I think the next few weeks are going to be about settling down and making some things happen. (I much prefer the phase “making things happen” to “getting on with work”.)

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