Weeknotes Feb 3rd: Next Hack Circus announced

Well it’s been a solid couple of weeks. I’ve been back and forth from London as usual, but after an epic six-hour journey home last time, have decided to stick here for a little while. It’s been good. I’ve managed to catch up with some people and have made some progress on things.

I’m still working for Makeshift (for example, here’s my piece about why you should stop trying to fight with time and my piece about how I got 1,400 retweets including a tentative formula for popular tweets). I’m also throwing myself into the next issue of Hack Circus, which is all about REALITY and is really making me smile.

I have an all-new team and my new designers appear to be excellent. They have set to work on issue #2 of Hack Circus, OUT NEXT MONTH, by the way. Thanks to a tip from my pal Chella, I’ve persuaded the wonderful Rare & Racy books/mags/art shop in Sheffield to stock the magazine. So, if you’re in Sheffield, and frankly why wouldn’t you be, I recommend picking a copy up from them or the Site Gallery shop. In real life it’s only £6 – not bad for a quarterly magazine.

I can confirm the next Hack Circus event THIS IS REALITY will take place on March 15th, from 5:30pm at Sheffield’s Site Gallery. Speakers will include Ralph Harrington (the ‘volcanoes guy’ from my 2012 apocalypse events), composer Heather Fenoughty, musician and live coder Alex McClean performing with choreographer Kate Sicchio, bot-creator/researcher Henry Cooke , artist Sinead McDonald (who brought her ‘time machine’ along to Time Travel Live in October), plus magic, music and reality-themed snackfood.

BUY TICKETS HERE NOW. And you can do a “Like” or whatever, on Facebook.

It turns out I don’t need to go to London so much for work meetings now, so I’ve been putting some time and effort into my life up here. The result is I feel less stressed, have more time, and my house and local charity shops are benefitting. I do need STUFF FOR MY HOUSE, though. Like, coffee tables, lamps, that kind of thing. Do you have stuff you’re getting rid of?

And because I don’t have enough to do, I’ve been thinking about starting a very informal chess-in-the-pub thing, in Sheffield, for people who enjoy chess but aren’t very good at it. Are you in?

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