Weeknotes Feb 22: HC to print

A few weeks in Sheffield and I’ve been getting stuff done on my house and finishing off issue 2 of Hack Circus. I’m really, really pleased with it. The design is just amazing this time (new designers, little preview on the left there <-) and there are lots more articles than issue 1. It goes to the printers on Monday and appears ‘in the shops‘ mid-March. This is all wonderful and exciting, of course, but it does mean I’m going to have to make a start on issue 3. Don’t worry though, I have a theme. Not that I’m telling you.

Meanwhile the second event Hack Circus: THIS IS REALITY is still happening at Sheffield’s Site Gallery on March 15th and the line-up is set. Brains, trains and automata. Read about it here and get a ticket here.

If you were at The Story yesterday, hopefully you got hold of a copy of issue 1 – I couriered a load over to the Conway Hall on Friday morning and saw some nice tweets from attendees having a flick through in the break. Do YOU have an event coming up in the next few months? Fancy some copies of issue 2 for your guests? Give us a shout.

I’ve also had some freelance editing work on, done a bit of copy for someone, had my usual regular writing gigs and – oh – a couple of new things of mine have appeared in WIRED UK. I’m still contributing to Makeshift‘s writing platform. I chatted to my long-term collaborator Duncan about starting up in Berlin, interviewed Emma about starting up in Sheffield and bought my friend Thom beers in the middle of the day to make him tell me about his Natural Language processor, Delver. I even applied for a job (a freelance one, not a real one).

Last weekend James was up, and James was briefly visiting the UK (and Sheffield) from America, so I invited James along to meet James and James. And very nice it was too. At least two of the Jameses will be probably be featured on the Makeshift site at some point, too.

For the few of you who contact me on these things, you should know that I’ve deleted Snapchat and Ding Dong, as part of my “social media downsizing, streamlining the number of things I habitually ‘check’, progressing towards not having an iPhone anymore” process. I feel calmer already.

This weekend is all work, work work (and a synth disco thing in town tonight, woo!) I might get something done to my hair. Roo and I are recording some SRS over Skype tomorrow. We’ve never tried recording over Skype before but needs must. Seeing some people next week. Lots coming up. Please come to my party.

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