How to live forever – bonus life extension chat podcast!

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My big project for September is called How To Live Forever.

I’ve been reading a load of stuff about death (and life) and ‘transhumanism‘ and talking to loads of interesting experts about longevity and technology, trying to get a few different sides of the issue and knock something decent together on not-very-much-money, in about a month. And the month when everyone’s away, too.

One of the things I’m doing for it is making a short film. The camera conked out at the end of our last filming session, but every cloud has a silver lining, and sometimes when a camera dies, some interesting audio is born from its ashes.

So, here’s your unexpected podcast. You’ll hear Alexander D. Ornella, Director of the Centre for Spirituality Studies at the University of Hull, Paul Graham Raven from the University of Sheffield and Eric Olsen, Professor of Philosopher at the University of Sheffield.

They discuss cryonics, brain uploading, the soul, religious language in transhumanism, metaphors and more! Watch this space for the full documentary (following in a couple of weeks) and enjoy.


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