Site Sessions #2: The New Economies

Last Thursday saw the second of the Site Sessions events that I’m curating regularly for the Site Gallery. Our venue was The Roco in Sheffield, I called this one The New Economies because I wanted to stoke some fresh thinking around alternative values offered by the arts, and how digital might affect the picture. You can find out about the first event here. Once again, we heard short talks from a range of speakers, then went into a discussion.

Our speakers were (in order of appearance):

Leigh Caldwell, Economist at The Irrational Agency
Tamar Millen, Digital & Cultural Partnerships at the Sheffield City Council
James Wallbank, founder of Makers on The Edge
Katie Day, Artistic Director of The Other Way Works
Aden Davies, digital banking expert at 11:FS
Aimee Harrison, founder of Line Cut Supply

I’ve been interested in economics and business for a while, so this was a real indulgence for me, and soppy as it sounds, I’m really grateful to Site for letting me indulge my fascinations and gather together people whose ideas intrigue me! The speakers all did a terrific job – most of them wanted a good chat beforehand about what to say and how it would fit with the evening, which was great, and paid off: they were very honest and entertaining. James Wallbank brought a laser cut street and Aimee Harrison brought a rail of the clothing she makes.

We had some feedback from the first event that some people aren’t comfortable with shouting out questions and want another way to engage with the discussion. So, this time, we appealed to the audience to put their thoughts down on post-its over the course of the evening (to compliment the usual vocal discussion) – and some obliged.


We will have a video of the evening to upload soon, so for now I’ll just share as much as I can of the action online. Please feel free to continue the discussion, anywhere you see it happening! The hashtag we are using is #sitesessions.





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