Less recent work

Interview with me on Looking Sideways, Andrew Sleigh’s podcast (November 2013) 

Hack Circus: Time Travel Live – all the talks on YouTube (October 2013)

Living in the past – item for The Pod Delusion (Resonance FM) (20th September 2013)

Book tickets for Hack Circus, a new event series and magazine I’m making (August 2013)

Making a scene: why stories need back-up‘ for The Literary Platform (August 2013)

In praise of play‘ for The Literary Platform (August 2013)

My report for Native magazine on the theatre/digital workshop “Make some more noise” (July 2013)

My ‘Temperatures of Things’ piece for Containerin Wallpaper magazine (July 2013)

Article about Minotaur the Moosical for The Literary Platform (July 2013)

How to survive a pepper spray attack‘ and ‘How to kick down a door‘ for WIRED UK (June 2013)

Den of Geek‘s ‘Den of Eek’ ebook ‘A Collection of New Horror Fiction‘ featuring a piece I wrote about doppelgangers (June 2013)

@8BitSATC – humorous Twitter account of vintage-technology themed Sex and the City plots, written with Tim Warriner (June 2013)

Shift Run Stop episode 67 (May 2013)

The Trouble With Comics – article by me for The Literary Platform, of which I am the Managing Editor (May 2013)

Interview with me about HappenstanceShift Run Stop, London, Making Things Fast and more on James Hogwood’s blog (May 2013)

Terminator: how worried should we be? – sign up for my new free talk at Nixon McInnes in Brighton (April 2013) 

Shift Run Stop episode 66 (March 2013)

Demonstrating a GFR thermal internet receipt printer at the International Women’s Day 2013 Tech City Showcase, hosted by Poke London (March 2013)

Interview on Resonance FM’s “Little Atoms” show in which Roo and I talk about Shift Run Stop and our other projects (March 2013)

Stuff I Made slide deck for International Women’s Day Tech City Showcase (Keynote and PDF) (March 2013)

How to make friends with anyone in five minutes in Wired UK (page 1) (page 2) (April issue)

Happenstance recap video – interviewed about Happenstance, an Arts Council/Nesta/Digital R+D project I took part in (February 2013)

Hacking & hack days for the Guardian Culture Professionals blog (January 2013) (as a Caper associate)

Shift Run Stop Christmas Special (December 2012) 

Article on Yahoo News about my photos of IBM cash registers (November 2012)

IBM and me – transcript and pictures of my talk for Boring 2012 (November 2012)

How We Lost The Future Video of my talk from “Improving Reality” at the Brighton Digital Festival (September 2012)

IBM tills Google Map (October 2012)

Shift Run Stop episode 64 (October 2012)

Interview with me on John Fleming’s blog (October 2012)

Quote from me in the Guardian (October 2012)

Happenstance newspaper edited by me, designed by Alex Parrott (September 2012)

BBC BASIC Instagram simulator I’m building for the BBC Micro (September 2012)

Minotaur: the Moosical – an interactive, interspecies prison romance musical, written with Tim Warriner (September 2012)

Elspeth & Lottie’s Printer Letters – Two Victorian ladies exchanging news of their mutual acquaintances from long-running 20th Century TV shows via their GFR thermal receipt printers. Written with Tim Warriner (September 2012)

Coping With Discouragement for The Literary Platform for which I am the new Managing Editor (August 2012)

Shift Run Stop interview with Dave Gorman – (July 2012)

“What does it mean to be a technologist-in-residence?” – Sheffield TEDx talk with James Jefferies (June 2012)

‘The Inner Head’ a practical guide to mysteries and magick in modern life – a funny new blog I’m writing with Tim Warriner (July 2012)

Info and video for Storymaker at the Dublin Mini Maker Faire – with Duncan Gough (July 2012)

How to land a plane if the pilot is out and How to disable a tank for WIRED UK (July issue)

Open House Day write-up – Happenstance half-way event at the Site Gallery, Sheffield (May 25th)

Horizons, 30th birthday event for the ZX Spectrum I co-hosted, on Imperica and Eurogamer (features brief interview with me) and my own blog (May 6th)

Interview with Raspberry Pi creator Eben Upton, on Shift Run Stop (April)

Top 5 Hack-a-Day hacks, for WIRED UK (May issue)

Interview with Professor David Trotter, on the Made by Many blog (March 19th)

In conversation with Dentsu’s Chris Heathcote for Imperica magazine – we discuss positive and negative visions of the future, advertising, nostalgia and more (Jan 19th)

Preparatory sessions I’m organising in Feb, ahead of this year’s hotly anticipated apocalypse ThisistheEvent.com (Feb 12th & 19th)

Talking about the End of the World, on The Pod Delusion podcast (about 1 hour in) (January 2012)

John Fleming interviews me about some of my early comedy memories, in the Huffington Post (December 2011)

How To Become a Professional Online Gambler for WIRED UK (January 2012)

Shift Run Stop Christmas Special, podcast hosted by Roo Reynolds and myself, interviewing Jon Ronson, Stefanie Posavec, Sound Diaries, and Lee Maguire (December 2011)

Quick Pummelvision of moments from Storywarp #3, storytelling conference I co-organise, features Professor Joanna Woodall, Ivor Baddiel, Helen Lewis-Hasteley and John Fleming (December 2011)

Talking about time travel on The Pod Delusion (39:22) (December 2011)

My ‘Filming locations in About a Boy’ slides for Boring 2011 (November 2011)

Talking about Extreme Acts of Kindness for an altruism item on Monocle magazine’s radio station, (November 2011)

Hotline added to Extreme Acts of Kindness, via Twilio, (November 2011)

Video of my talk Hackers, magic and the problem of understanding too much – at mobile tech event Mr Mobbles Magical Emporium (October 2011)

Slides for Hackers, magic and the problem of understanding too much (October 2011)

The Opposite of Things a summary of projects Duncan Gough and I have worked on separately and together (October 2011)

Storywarp #2 – Storytelling conference I co-organised, theme: “Characterisation” (October 2011)

Stop Telling Stories, a talk about the difference between storytelling and content (October 2011)

Interview with Sarah Angliss in WIRED UK (August issue)

Storywarp #1 – Storytelling conference I co-organised (July 2011)

How to hide messages in packs of cards cryptography for WIRED UK (July issue)

Tumblr blog – Agencies offering cups of tea (April 19th)

Slides for Yuri’s night Spacetacular talk “Dear Star Trek, I have some questions” (April 12th)

Extreme Acts of Kindness (launched April 4th)

Hackers! issue 2 – out now (spring 2011)

Making Things Fast five-minute version, at Ignite London 4.

‘Space Makes Radio Contact’ for WIRED UK (April 2011 issue)

‘How to Manipulate People’ for WIRED UK (April 2011 issue)

Latest BBC Comedy column (11th March)

Interview with me for Re/Action magazine – first page and second page (Spring 2011 issue)

Interview with me for Radio 5Live about the Hackers! newspaper (January 25th – from about 20 mins in)

Video of my keynote talk ‘Making Things Fast’ at the Oxford Geek Night (December 2010)

Issue 1 of Hackers!, the newspaper I edit, out this week (Winter 2010)

Iain Lee interview for Shift Run Stop, at R3play gaming expo (November 2010)

Article about reformed hackers for WIRED UK (November 2010 issue)

Piece about interactive fiction for The Literary Platform (September)