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The 7 habits of successful women

I’m a bit surprised that there aren’t more articles about ‘the habits’ of women who do well (although a few have started to appear very recently). The standard narrative is, understandably, a victim-orientated one, with women falling behind because the odds are stacked against us from scratch. However, without dismissing this, I’ve often thought it [...]

April 4th weeknotes: travelling/circus

These weeknotes have become a ‘something near the beginning of the month, something near the end of the month’ sort of deal, but language is a moving goalpost; let’s persevere with the word ‘week’ and see how long it takes so-called society to catch up. I’ve been doing a lot of travelling over the last [...]

March 20th weeknotes: Too busy to worry

Well, PHEW. Eh? PHEW. Issue 2 of the magazine is out. I think it looks beautiful, and as you can see, Brodie agrees. The designers deserve credit everywhere, they were absolutely brilliant to work with. Have a look at:  and And we did the tie-in event, Hack Circus: THIS IS REALITY on Saturday. It was bloody brilliant, thanks to [...]

Weeknotes March 6th: I made you a thing

I’ve started to feel a bit sorry for the people who follow and support things I make because suddenly loads of things are happening at once, and I can’t expect everyone to be equally interested in or supportive of all of them. Nevertheless a lot of people are currently being subjected to about 15 tweets [...]

Weeknotes Feb 22: HC to print

A few weeks in Sheffield and I’ve been getting stuff done on my house and finishing off issue 2 of Hack Circus. I’m really, really pleased with it. The design is just amazing this time (new designers, little preview on the left there <-) and there are lots more articles than issue 1. It goes [...]

Happy New Year, now put your phone away

Happy New Year! Just realised I’m now entering my fourth year of/as Final Bullet, (though one of those was spent in full-time employment). Looking back at the early posts on this blog, I’ve acquired a few things over the years, anyway. Conferences. Freelance gigs. Bath-splashed copies of Grazia. Grey hairs. Hope you had a great [...]

Weeknotes 29th Nov: check/mates

So tired. Still bloody ill. Thought I’d write these early because I’m likely to be even more busy and panicky and ill this time tomorrow, isn’t it. A good week though. I’m working on some slides for my final two workshops for the UEA’s ‘Creative Entrepreneurship’ MA group, which will happen next week. I was [...]