Latest work

Noteworthy interviews, updates, or interesting bits of work that visitors to this site might find worthwhile! – I’m gradually moving stuff from here over to this new ‘professional’ website (Jan 2018)

Hosting the Site Gallery’s Site Sessions event on “Art, Science and the Truth”, 2017

Panacea Society residency blog – Notes from my residency at CenSAMM (October 2017)

Site Sessions – events on STEAM themes that I’m curating for Site Gallery (July 2017)

Write-up & pics from my week on Collusion’s AI Lab in Cambridge (June 2017)

My talk for The National Videogames Foundation conference ‘Continue’ (June 2017)

Derby Silk Mill commission – Follow my work on an interactive piece for this museum of making, currently in R&D phase (May 2017)

The Other Virtual Reality – my Brandwatch column on immersiveness (April 2017)

I know why the caged bird sings
– interview with Duncan Gough for Creative Review (April 2017)

Beautiful bots
– my Brandwatch column on artistic bots (March 2017)

Making Senses – my Brandwatch column, about human cyborgs (February 2017)

The Revolution is Televised – article for the New Scientist about science YouTubers (January 2017)

Weekly newsletter
 I’m now sending out, with tips for a happier creative life (November 2016)

Hacking Helsinki tumblr blog of my residency at the Finnish Museums (September 2016)

Perpetual Movement – show at the Lowry in Salford featuring my work (October 2016) 

Interview with Steve Punt for the Hack Circus podcast (September 2016)

What does digital R&D mean in the arts? What’s the value? – for the Huffington Post blog (July 2016)

Towards a ‘contemporary creative technology’ for the Huffington Post blog (June 2016)

‘Hacking Rambert’ tumblr blog of my residency at Rambert (October 2015)

‘Innovation out of context’ for my new Huffington Post blog (July 2015)

Interview with me about Hack Circus, in The Independent (April 2015)

Interview & package about Hack Circus on BBC Click (World Service Radio) (March 2015)

‘Disrupted By’ event report, article for Creative Review (March 2015)

Interviewed for Capioca about Hack Circus (March 2015)

Interviewed for Resonance FM’s ‘Little Atoms’ show (56 minutes in) (March 2015)

Presenting Hack Circus as a ‘Global Futr Lab’ participant at Future Everything (February 2015) 

Shift Run Stop episode 75 (February 2015)

Hack Circus in the Real World – article for Creative review (November 2014)


On a panel discussing Hack Circus and podcasting at the Radio Festival (October 2014)

Interview with me the Times SME supplement (June 2014)

Interviewed by Cory Doctorow in the Guardian (June 2014)

Hack Circus channel on IRC 

Interview with me on Seed The City, about Hack Circus (April 2014)

How to protect your private data, for WIRED UK (March 2014)

Hack Circus: THIS IS REALITY – tickets (March 2014)

The Inner Head (hardback), humour book by me and Tim Warriner (March 2014) (The Inner Head website)

How to supercharge your router and How to shoot a movie on your iPhone, for WIRED UK (February 2014)

Shift Run Stop on the Guardian’s ‘best lesser known podcast’ list (January 2014)

The Inner Head, new humour book I’ve co-written with Tim Warriner, now available for Kindle. (The Inner Head website) (January 2014)

Hack Circus magazine, issue 1 (December 2013)

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