I have been working as a visual and performance artist since 2013. This is a small selection of my work since then, most recent first. For more detail and fewer images, I also have a CV.


2016: ‘Dance with me’ for Perpetual Movement at The Lowry. Photo and (thermal) video of dancers, playing on chained RGB LED panels, running off Raspberry Pi. There was ambient audio of the pool screen (coming from the middle of the floor) and audio interviews with the dancers, on headphones.

2015: ‘How To Live Forever’

An immersive booth experience for one participant at a time, for the Brighton Digital Festival New Work Award and another version at the British Science Festival. Raspberry Pi, arduino, video, audio, animation, LEDs and an accompanying documentary. Full interview with The Observer. Watch the documentary film on Life Extension.

2013-2017 Hack Circus
A creative collective I founded to explore ‘fantasy technology and everyday magic’. A series of weird, immersive events, original art work and 12 reality-bending issues of a quarterly magazine.